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How do we support your business

Company-led initiatives to help you engage your prospects and leads

Financial Alliance runs multiple marketing and leads-generating initiatives to give you an advantage to engage your leads:

  1. Weekly Financial Education Webinar
  2. Monthly Investment Market Updates
  3. Physical Seminars
  4. Corporate Outreach Program

Instantly improve your personal brand by being independent

Clients appreciate a consultant who:

  1. Provides Unbiased Recommendationsthat are free from any influence or bias from product providers.
  2. Offers Greater Flexibility and gives clients access to a wider range of products and investment opportunities.
  3. Has No Conflicts of Interest to ensure that their interests are always put first.

Strong in-house support to help you in your business operations

With a staff to consultant ratio of 1:5, coupled with our strong IT ecosystems and development, we are confident to support you in all areas of your business:

  1. Insurance Advisory Support
  2. Investment Advisory Support
  3. General Insurance Support
  4. FAR Development Support
  5. Business Development Support

See below for more information.

Life insurance advisory support aims to help consultants become more productive.

  • Information relevant to the life insurance business, including all product information, is organized and housed under an internal portal for easy reference.
  • Product analysis & comparison reports are available to help consultants find suitable and viable products that meet clients’ needs.

We are well supported by a team of Investment veterans and specialists who provide a wide suite of investment solutions, including managed accounts and alternative investments (some are exclusive to our company). 

To enable consultants to keep abreast of financial market developments, the team provides regular updates of the market situation.

In addition to that, we constantly engage our clients via investment updates and education seminars.

Our General Insurance Department is here to make it easier for you to transact & manage your General & Group Insurance business.

We render the following supports:

  • Comprehensive Administrative Support
  • Bridge between GI Business Partners and Financial Consultants
  • Attend to Consultants’ enquiries pertaining to general product information, underwriting requirements, process flow and system

FAR Development exists to facilitate growth through these key differentiators:

  • BMQ– peers learning, from practitioners to practitioners
    • Communities of Practice – translate Learning to LEarning
    • FA100M – e-learning on demand, contents by choice, anytime anywhere
    • Momentum Dashboard – consultant-centric progress reporting
    • Monthly FAR Conference – celebration of achievements

Our process enables us to constantly eliminate & reduce pain points and raise & create value points to bring about deeper engagement with our consultants, journeying together with them to meet their goals and aspirations.

The Business Development Team strives to be on the forefront when it comes to supporting our Financial Consultants in Lead Generation Strategies.

With that in mind, we launched ENGAGE, a digital hub for consultants to build their online presence.

Besides ENGAGE, our Weekly Nudge Webinar Serieshas helped to boost our clients’ financial literacy. They also provide additional touch points between Consultants and Prospects/Clients. At the end of each webinar, there is a Call To Action where Consultants will follow up with their invited guests for discussions and meetings, which will lead to more business opportunities.