Empowering Financial Consultants with Cutting-Edge Technology and Tools​

Experience Enhanced Efficiency and Superior Client Service with our ACSIS Ecosystem

ACSIS Eco-System

ACSIS digital eco-system is a consolidation and integration of our current proprietary systems that helps raise our Financial Consultants’ productivity and careers to new peaks!


Reach out and acquire a wider pool of potential clients.


Nurture the relationship between financial consultants and their leads


Filter, Select and Implement solutions tailored to clients’ needs.


Foster strong long-term relationships with clients and reduce administrative task


Our lead generation system and support helps you connect with potential clients in the digital space. With our customized marketing initiatives, you can reach your target audience effectively and elevate your online presence.

Systems & Support


You will be provided with tools to create your professional online presence. Publish articles, services and events on your professional page and allow leads to find you via Google Search or other social media platforms.

Systems & Support


Our financial planning and advisory tools help you develop personalized solutions tailored to your clients’ unique needs and circumstances. Our suite of advanced technology tools includes portfolio management, risk assessment, enabling you to provide superior service and advice to your clients.

Systems & Support


Our client servicing system helps you provide ongoing support and guidance to your clients, ensuring that their financial plans remain aligned with their evolving needs and goals. Our automated client communication tools, including email newsletters and alerts, help you stay top-of-mind with your clients and build long-term relationships.

Systems & Support

About Our Systems and Support

NUDGE Webinar is a weekly webinar series that provides an opportunity for consultants to invite their clients and prospects to our company-hosted events.

They are educational webinars with “Calls To Action” that create additional touch points for consultants and their clients/prospects.

Through ENGAGE, our consultants can easily build their business profile and enable leads to find their profile online via Google Search and other social media platforms.

ELEVATE Training Series is a series of workshops that provide consultants with the necessary training on digital marketing to equip consultants with relevant skillsets to build their presence online.

IBOSS CRM is a client relationship management platform that helps consultants organise and store their clients’ information systematically.

It allows consultants to keep in touch with their clients on a regular basis, be it season’s greetings, new product updates or invitations to our events/webinars

With LIME (Life Insurance Made Easy), consultants do not have to spend hours and hours combing through various life insurance products offered by various insurance providers to source for the ideal plan for their clients.

HARVERZ provides consultant s with a bird’s eye view of all investment solutions that are available in the financial market so that the consultant can choose the most suitable investment products to fit into portfolios that suit their client’s goals, profiles and objectives.

eFC Amethyst is an all-in-one toolkit that enables our financial consultants to conduct business anywhere, anytime.

It allows consultants to guide their clients through the financial advisory planning process in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand manner, from identifying their clients’ needs and financial analysis to the recommendation of suitable solutions to the clients.

It documents the advisory process and serves as a record for future reference.

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